Sunday, 1 July 2012

A new Granny a Day project

The blue and white baby blanket was very gratefully received and I received a lovely note from Cody's mum.  His gran (my cousin) was staying here last week after visiting her first grandchild and she was very impressed with the blanket.

Having finished Cody's granny square blanket I have decided to just make a few more blankets with the granny a day squares.   Searching through my stash I sorted out nine colours and am using eight of them to make bright multi coloured squares.  The ninth colour is a bright turquoise and will be used the edge each square.  I want to master the "join as you go" method, which I have never used before, and will be following the method used by Ali here.

This blog would have been posted over the weekend. But when my cousin and I visited Borde Hill Gardens on Thursday, I left my camera behind in the shop!  It was such a relief that it  had been found when I rang to enquire.   So, this morning Brian and I had to drive over to Borde Hill Gardens to re-claim my camera.   We had a lovely lunch out and were back home later than we expected after calling at a Garden Centre for a few more fish for our pond - but that's another story!

I have not been around much in June - despite all my good intentions.  June is always difficult for me.  We came back from our Mediterranean cruise and the first weekend I attended the Pelargonium Show at the Farnborough Fuchsia & Geranium Club I belong to. I did enter afew of my plants and did not expect to do well, but was pleased and surprised to receive a second and a couple of thirds. (I have to confess that one of the thirds only had three plants in the class).   It has not been a good growing year. I know, all exhibitors, like farmers, say the same very year, but this has been exceptionally bad.

The following weekend was the National Show of the Pelargonium & Geranium Society held at a garden centre at Hinckley, Leicestershire.  I had to be there by 10 am to Steward, so left home at 7 am and arrived at 9.30 just in time for a quick cup of coffee before judging started.  

Now June is over, I am hoping life can get back to more or less normal.

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