Saturday, 28 September 2013

Late post

I forgot to upload the following post. I've been here a week now. But since it is written, here it is:-

I can't believe that on Monday I leave for my trip to Adelaide to visit my sisters - well two of them anyway. One lives north of Sydney and we will be visiting her for a couple of days.    I know those three weeks will just fly by - as the time before I leave early on Monday morning is dragging now!  I am so looking forward to seeing all my Australian family again.

I've packed my case today and tomorrow will tidy up the greenhouses for the last time and water the plants. I think the dahlias in the garden will be over when I get back.   I love this time of year for filling my blue jug with red dahlias.  This year I've added orange David Howard and Pooh in with them and I think they look very good together.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Back from one trip and getting ready for another

We had a really quiet time in France. One of our best holidays there I think.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere of living in another house in another country .  I am sure I've explained that the house we stay in belongs to Brian's cousins family.  It is in a very small and quiet village in Normandy.   They have had the house for several years now and we are so lucky that we are invited to join cousin Sue and her husband Malcolm when they stay there.  We enjoy their company very much.

One place we did visit was a nursery and garden run by an English lady, Alison Sykes.  Alison herself showed us around her garden which was lovely and autumny.  It was hard to imagine that just five years ago it was a field.   Unfortunately the nursery was closed the day we visited, but we hope to visit again.

I loved this display of herbs in the square pots on the windowsill.
We also visited a market and saw these ducklings and chicks for sale.  Something we don't see in our markets any more.

I am now getting ready for a trip to Adelaide in South Australia to visit my family.  I have two sisters and various nieces and nephews who live there, and another sister who lives near Sydney.    I can't wait to see them all again.