Thursday, 12 July 2012

New project and a mail delivery

I have made a start on the bag I purchased the yarn for last week when I went into town.  It is made 'in the round' and I have to mark the first stitch I make in each round.  I have done this before and always just used a contrasting piece of another yarn.  However, this was not working on the cotton yarn I am using for the bag, and I kept finding the piece of marker yarn on the floor, or on my lap.  In other words, not where it was supposed to be!   A search on line came up with these marker pins and this morning they arrived in the post.

Those sharp-eyed amongst you will spot that there are only 19 in the above photo - I have used one already on the bag:-

I am loving working on this bag - although at the moment it does not much look like one.

Today I picked Broad Beans from the garden and blanched them for the freezer.   Have not got a great crop this year and the plants have chocolate rust on them so they don't look good either.  But it does not affect the beans snug in their soft downy pods.  I must remember to put the plants into the garden waste bag for collection and not put them in my compost bin.

More soon.


  1. I wanted to give a nice Hello and say thank you for joining in on my blog...I like the way your bag is coming out..very nice color..You know what I use for a stitch marker??? it's funny, but I use a bobby pin... the small ones....they slip in the little stitch just right and it stays, much easier than clipping and unclipping the safety pin each time... funny but it works!

  2. The bag looks like its coming along great...I love the of my favorites!!

  3. I think it looks lovely even at this early stage and I can't wait to see it when it's finished! these are exactly the stitch markers i use - never use a safety pin as they can get caught in the yarn where the wire twists, so these are a good investment. You can also use a length of spare wool / yarn instead - you put it back and forward with each row so it looks like a "running" stitch by the time you have a few rows and you don't have the hassle of taking the stitch marker in and out. x

    1. Thanks Ali -I am enjoying working on this alongside the GaD's. I have used that method with the yarn, but this time on the first row it just kept slipping out. x


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