Sunday, 22 July 2012

The trains, a Day by the Sea, and a small confession

Summer may have arrived here in the UK.   Hooray!   Everyone is so fed up with the dreary dull, cold and wet days we have had this year.  The coldest and wettest on record it seems.

So, as Saturday was to be a warm and sunny day, Brian and I decided we had had enough sitting around and took to the roads!   We decided that we would drive down to Bognor Regis for the day.  On our way down we always call at the garden centre at Pulborough for a coffee.  We were pleasantly surprised that the garden centre has had a makeover, including the restaurant, and it is now very swish.   There is a small model railway there which runs around the perimeter of the garden centre at the weekends.  When we arrived the enthusiasts were just firing up the engines ready for their first customers.   I asked if I could take some photographs and the engineers very kindly invited me into the yard and the 'shed'.

Oh - I bought  a couple of plants - a white French Lavender and a scented pelargonium "Geranium Fizz".

When we arrived in Bognor Regis I made for the shoreline and walked along taking photographs as I went.


Oh, I do love the seaside and it was wonderful to walk along the pebbly beach dodging the waves.  Thnere was hardly anyone else on the beach.  They all seemed to be in the town.  I know where I would rather be!

 Now for the confession.  I had to undo my crochet bag!!!  For some reason it just did not seem right to me, so rather than carry on making it worse I decided that I would start again.  This time I have taking my time and making quite sure I make a note of every single increase I make.    I have been making squares to keep up with GaD.

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  1. Lovely pictures! I've had to do the same thing on a hat I was making...sometimes it works better on the second go round. I really enjoy your blog and I recently nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award...stop by and see! Have a wonderful week.


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