Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pastel Coloured Granny Squares and joining

Gosh, another blog from Crochet Capers I can hear you all saying!!   Well life is a lot easier now the shows are over and I am not getting so many memberships in the post.   Plus, the awful weather means I cannot be out in the garden so much.

Here are the pastel coloured crochet granny squares I have been making (I must make a note to total them - I am sure I need to catch up for GaD).  So that I can get them all more or less individual, I have all the balls of yarn in a bag.  As I make up the middles I place the ball of yarn I have used into a second bag. For the next row I take random colours from the second bag and place that into the first bag as I have used that colour.  Same procedure for the third row. This way, they should all be more or less different.I should have more or less individual squares.

Here are the squares with their final row of greeny turquoise joined.  This is my very first attempt at joining as I go and I followed Ali's method which you can find here. You can see I stopped when I found I had to use the joining method twice for one square. I will tackle that this evening and let you know how I got on. So far it really is very easy and I am impressed at the way it is working out.

I would love to know what you think.

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