Friday, 6 July 2012

Pastel coloured granny squares update and a Garden visit

I am getting along well with the pastel coloured granny squares blanket for the  Granny a Day project.   Still yet to tally up all the squares that I have done, but must be pretty much on target now.   I am really really pleased with the way this is turning out - I love the join as you go method.  Thank you Ali ( for this.

Today I went into town on my own!  Being both retired now Brian and I tend to go out together, but he was taking a neighbour to hospital this morning so I seized the chance for a visit On My Own to the fabric and yarn store.   I have a project in mind - a simple crochet bag to keep my crochet in whilst I am working on it. At the moment I am using two plastic bags.  You will appreciate the scowls I get when I rustle the bags to get yarn out!

I had a cousin to stay for a few days last week (baby Cody's granny) and we went to visit Borde Hill Gardens in West Sussex.  It was a lovely day  - one of the very rare warm and sunny days we have had this year.  The rose garden was the rosiest and most scented I have ever been in. We could have stayed there all day.  I can't scentyblog the wonderful scent from the roses, but here are a few photo's.

Having dragged ourselves away from the roses, we came across The Italian Garden


  1. Beautiful garden. New follower

  2. Lovely blanket! I look forward to the finishing project! Flowers are beautiul! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Lovely garden photos. Those roses look so pretty!


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