Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baby blanket finished and in the post.

At last - I have finished the blue and white baby blanket and it is now in the post.   I had finished the edging to the blanket on Saturday evening - just in time because Cody Peter arrived early on Sunday morning.  How about that for timing?    I just needed to sew in the ends and block the blanket.  My cork board is not that big, so I ended up giving it a blast with the steam iron, which worked just as well as blocking I found.

Now I have to sort out my stash of yarn and see what I have to make something else with Granny squares.  I am still intent on 'A Granny a Day'.  Not sure exactly how many I have done so far - I need to have a count up - 180 in the baby blanket, but I have a couple of scarves made up.   I am sure to need to 'catch up'.

We had a great time on our cruise - two weeks in the Mediterranean was just wonderful.  We stopped at Malaga, Barcelona, Cannes, Rome, Naples, Corsica and Gibraltar.

Look who we 'bumped into' in Gibraltar!!!

Leaving Gibraltar

More soon - I promise!!


  1. I like your baby blanket. A little boy will be happy to sleep with it.


  2. I found your blog through Hooked!! and became a follower. Your baby blanket is very nice. I'm sure it will be loved. Thank you for sharing your cruise pictures.
    If you'd like to see my blog, it's sssinthesun.blogspot.com.


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