Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Update and bluebells

I know I've not been active here for a while.  I am still working my one Granny Square a day, more if I miss a day or two.   I am a 'one project at a time gal', and as I am still working squares for the blue baby blanket it seems a bit silly to show pictures of the same.   However, I have just three more squares to go.  I eventually decided that I need 80 squares. I might just finish them off tonight and I can make a start on joining them all up.  So, nearly at the taa daa moment!!!   Of course, this means that I will have to search out another project to work on using Granny Squares.    It also means that I will have a decision to make as I am going to be away for two weeks in two weeks time.  This time we are going on a cruise so I probably won't take my crochet along.  I will probably just take my tapestry cushion that I have been working on since forever (I will finish it one day!!) .  The decison to make is whether to make heaps of squares in advance, or catch up when I get home.  I might just compromise and do seven in advance and seven extra when I get home.

The sun was shining yesterday afternoon and my neighbour John suggested we go up to the nearby heath and photograph some bluebells.  They were not all fully out and will look better in about a week's time, but it was lovely to get out in the sunshine and walk amongst the beautiful blueness of them.

To see more photographs take a look at my photography blog:

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