Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week 5 and Work in Progress

Having finished the Granny squares for my scarf I have made a start on a new colour scheme.  What this will be I do not know yet.  Quite possibly a cushion, but we will see.

The Granny Square scarf is finished, apart from finishing off the sewing up.  I might decide that I want to add more squares, and will make the decision when it is sewn together.

I decided to undo the scarf I was making B.  It was in DK but was, to my mind, a bit thin and like a dishcloth.  I bought some chunky yarn on Saturday and have made a start on the scarf.  I seems a lot more 'scarf-like' to me now and being in chunky yarn is making up quite quickly.  I am working it in treble but into the back of each stitch which gives a nice ridged effect.

We have been to a family party today to celebrate a cousin's 40th birthday.  The food was Indian and as I said I would make a dessert I made this Carrot Halva to keep to the Indian theme.  I have never made it before.  It was delicious and everyone seemed to like it.  However, I doubt I will make it again - I spent two hours yesterday afternoon watching and stirring over the stove.  If anyone has a quicker method of making this delicious dessert, please let me know!

Happy Grannying


  1. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award

    Ali x

  2. it was yummy though. Ok, I seem to have found your blog this time. Thank you so much for the award

  3. I love the colors you use for your grannies! Liz

  4. Thank you Liz. Just peeked at your blog and am now following. x


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