Sunday, 22 January 2012

Granny Square a Day week 3 - a decision made and WIP

Here is my progress so far - 20 squares.  I am really enjoying doing this project each day - even when I have had to 'catch up' and make more than one square.  

So, what decision have I come to?  I have decided that these Granny Squares will be a scarf.   How long it will be I do not know, but I will make a start on sewing them together and see how it goes.  At the moment I am thinking I will edge the scarf with the pink, the sage green, and the brown.    Part of the reason - well probably the main reason! - is that I am getting a little bored of using the same colours and also I can see there are loads more different patterns to use for Granny Squares.   So I will have a go at making different squares and see how I go with joining them as I go.

Here is the multi-coloured scarf I have been working on.  At the moment all ends have been darned in and I will make a start on edging it.   I love the colours, but I am not totally happy with it - but for a first attempt it is OK.  I have to admit that the first chain is rather tight, so one end is very slightly thinner than the other!  Probably only I will know this, but it is a fault I will have to make sure I do not repeat.

Happy Grannying for week 4!

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