Sunday, 8 January 2012

The beginning

I learnt to crochet many years ago when my two boys were quite small (they are very grown up now) . I made a few Afghan blankets, toys, and even a sweater for one of the boys. However, as the years went by, my interests changed - growing pelargoniums became one, and still is. Oddly I gave the last two blankets to a charity shop only a couple of years ago.
Another of my interests is Gardening, and I have an allotment - just about! Through this I was introduced to lots of Gardening and Allotment Blogs and came upon Allotment Ali's Allotment Blog:  which I followed. She also has a Crochet Blog:, and I began to follow this as well. And, in a word, became Hooked - with a capital H!!

Beanie Hats for Granddaughters

 I have made several beanies from Ali's pattern, plus the cowl and am in the middle of a rainbow scarf. I have joined the Granny a Day project and will post my progress through the year, plus photo's as and when I can of my other projects.

Granny a Day Project 2012
The colour scheme for my Granny's is beige, dusky pink and brown. I wanted to add a Sage green colour and have had a problem finding yarn of this shade. I have found some on eBay and have it on order, but now I see the squares I am wondering if I really want another colour. We will see!

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  1. What a GREAT first blog post Gwen - thanks for mentioning me! I will add you to the Granny A Day'ers list and follow you too! :0) Love it!


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