Friday, 8 November 2013

Saying goodbye

Yesterday was a sad day for us. Our very dear friend and ex neighbour, Roy, was laid to rest.  He was 91. On my return from holiday in Australia, my husband broke the sad news to me that Roy had had an accident at home, and after a brief illness, had passed away.  His wife Jean, had passed away about two years ago and Roy had lived on his own for that time, mostly fending for himself, with lots of help from his family, and carers a couple of days a week.   Jean and Roy were the best neighbours one could ever wish for. Both were happy to help out in an emergency.  Nothing was ever too much trouble, despite the fact they had five children of their own.  Roy grew vegetables in the back garden, they hardly ever bought them. Also wonderful dahlias in a corner of the garden.  Jean cooked pies and cakes and made bread by hand, but eventually in the bread machine the family bought her. They were devoted to one another and were very content with their lives.  My two boys grew up loving their auntie Jean and uncle Roy.  It was a sad day when Jean and Roy decided to move to a small bungalow when their children had left home.  Fortunately not far as they moved to a bungalow in the village.  We were still able to visit often, but I missed popping round 'next door' for a coffee (it was always coffee).   Now they are both gone but I have some lovely memories of  them.

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