Thursday, 7 November 2013

Memory Butterflies

My sister is,and has been for many years, a devoted member of  Sands South Australia, and also Sands Australia.  When I was visiting recently,  Sands South Australia organised a Walkathon for parents to walk in remembrance of their child.   It was held in a park in Adelaide and there were, perhaps about a hundred people there.   Pauline had organised a raffle with some lovely prizes to help raise funds for the Group.  There was Face Painting and balloon animals and, of course, the walk.  Not a very long walk because, of course, many of the parents had brought small children along, it was probably about half an hour around the parklands.  There was also that great Australian tradition – the sausage sizzle to warm the walkers and helpers – it was a very cold day.    

Pauline had also organised the purchase of butterflies for parents to release in memory of their child, and about forty butterflies were released.  I think they were the Wanderer butterfly, and my sister had obtained them from Queensland.   She collected them from the airport the previous evening and kept them in a coolbox (Esky) over night.   They were all individually packed lightly into envelopes which were closed with a ribbon and easily opened.  Very neat.   It was a very moving moment when the butterflies were released by the parents.

Well done Pauline for all your efforts for that Society.  A worthy cause and I am very proud of all that she has done for them.



  1. Beautiful photographs Gwen. It was a pity it was a windy cold day. However, the chai helped to warm us up. Thanks must go to you too for helping me organise the raffle by wrapping up and listing them. So very much appreciated. Pauline xxx


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