Saturday, 16 November 2013

Crochet update

This autumn has been quite mild so far, although fairly damp and very windy.   The sort of weather that makes us want to close the curtains, put on the fire, and have supper on our laps in front of the TV.  Then I take up my hook and start to crochet.  I know ... I've been neglecting the crochet blanket all summer, but now I am back to hooking.  I think the main problem is the muted colours, also the wool is an Aran type and quite hard to work.  But I am persevering and hope to finish it in time for Christmas.  I'm till not sure if it will be a gift or not.   Anyway, here is an up to date photograph  of progress.


Did I mention how cross I am that the quantity of yarn specified in the Pattern book  (Patons) is totally wrong?  There are five colours and pattern states need 1x 100gram ball of each colour.   Who checks these patterns?  Fortunately it does not matter that the dye is very slightly different - no one will notice, but I know! I've bought an extra 100 grams of four of the colours and 2 x 100 grams of the granny square borders.  I have decided that I will go as far as I can and then finish.

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  1. I always take it for granted that you need whatever it states you do yarnwise, as long as you use the recommended yarn, how annoying. I'm sure your blanket will still look beautiful and be just as snugly when it's finished :) xx


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