Monday, 22 July 2013

A birthday and two outings

It’s been HOT!  Too hot to do very much at all, apart from early morning and early evenings.  But I love it.  Our weather is far too chilly and damp far too often to complain when we do get some hot hot weather – don’t you agree?

So, what have I been up to this month?   We have two birthday in our family to celebrate in July – the first one was our granddaughter Sophie’s 17th birthday.  She was going out to celebrate with friends, and I had my cousins stopping off on their way home.  So it was arranged that we would pop over in the morning to give her her gift and celebrate the occasion.   We had a cake – with one candle on it (I told her she would have to blow it out 17 times, much to her younger brother’s amusement).

Brian and I took a day trip to Salisbury last week – we often pop down there to meet up with some friends, but this means we do not get to look around the town much.   Tuesday is market day, which was the day we chose to go.  It was a great shame that the market was not as good as we expected.  The town square was being re-paved, so only half of the stalls were there.   

Yesterday we went to Brian’s cousins for a family get- together.   This is always a  fun afternoon.  When the guests had gone we stopped on to chat with Brian’s aunt and uncle who had come down from Norfolk for the party.  The foxes enjoyed the remains of the party food.


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