Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Surely it's not December?

Is it really December - and the 11th already?  Where has this month gone?

The soup maker that Brian bought and I wrote about last is a huge success.   I can really recommend anyone to get one.  In go the ingredients with cold stock (or cold water and a stock cube) and 20 to 25 minutes later - voilà - hot creamy smooth soup.  If you want chunky - no problem.  Just set to the chunky setting and when finished purée until your desired consistency is reached.  Nothing could be simpler.  So far we have had the leek and potato soup, tomato and pepper, and this week broccoli and blue cheese.    We find that each recipe makes enough to last the two of use for three days.

I went to Wisley for the day last week with a friend - we had a lovely walk round the gardens.  The gardens, as usual looked lovely with the trees changing colour.

It was very windy, as you can see from the grasses blowing sideways, and it was a relief to spend quite a time in the new glasshouse.  The staff were putting up Christmas Decoration s, so some parts were 'out of bounds' .  We were very impressed with the poinsettia Christmas Trees

Because I am waiting to go up and stay with my cousin for a few days when she comes out of hospital after her hip replacement last Friday, I have been trying to get ahead with my Christmas preparations.  Not that I have many because we are going to stay at an hotel for the festivities, but we have cards to write and post, and presents to buy and wrap.  I am still trying to decide whether to put up our small artificial Christmas Tree or not.   I probably will, as it won't seem like Christmas without the tree twinkling in the window.

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