Saturday, 14 December 2013

An unexpected visit to the Theatre.

I am not now going to stay with my cousin following her hip replacement.  She had longer in hospital than anticipated, and is doing really well.   As it is so near to the weekend she has her daughter visiting.  I am going up next Tuesday to stay a couple of nights.

Brian had spotted that our local amateur theatre in Guildford - The Electric Theatre - has an intriguingly titled play on this week - The Locked Room.  Hearing I was not going to be away this week he promptly got us tickets and off we went on Friday evening. The play was very well acted and we enjoyed it immensely.

The Electric Theatre in Guildford
Photograph from the Electric Theatre website
Written by a local lady, this was her first full length play.  The story was about an ageing actress from Cornwall, and took place in the 1950's and the 1970's.  The actress had had an illegitimate baby which was adopted at birth.  Her young wardrobe lady was also from Cornwall, the same age as the illegitimate baby was, and thought that she was the actresses long lost daughter.   The story ends with the actress in a nursing home, when 'all is revealed'.  It certainly had me guessing and surprised.

Why is the theatre named 'Th Electric Theatre'?  It has been built from part of the old local Electric Company site.

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