Monday, 7 October 2013


I've been here a week now and just loving being with my sister Pauline and her family.  The journey was not too bad and as I 'don't do jetlag'l I immediately fell into family life here.  My sister has four children, all married, and they and their families have either visited or we've visited them.  Another grandchild is due imminently, and we are anxiously awaiting news of its arrival.

We've also visited a member of The South Australian Pelargonium Club, Roger and his wife Jenny, who grow pelargoniums. We had a nice morning browsing all the plants they grow.

Yesterday we went to the Barrossa Valley, the wine growing region. Needless to say, we tasted a few wines at various wineries. We went with the two friends of my sister who I met in Ireland last year when they were on their European trip.  From L to R: Carolyn, Pauline, me, Anne Marie

We went for lunch at Maggie Beers farmhouse restaurant. Maggie Beers is a well known Australian tv chef, and has written many cookery books.  Lunch was really good in a wonderful location overlooking a small lake.

We're having a quiet day at home today, but off to Victor Harbour tomorrow to visit friends.


  1. Looks likes your having a fabulous time, I bet the food was great.

  2. Yes, the good was very good - simple, but good.


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