Friday, 24 May 2013

Loved Brugge

We loved Brugge!  After our trip to the amazing Katrien Michiel's Fuchsia and Pelargonium Nursery, we drove to Brugge.   We loved Brugge (did I say that already??).   When we arrived we found a policeman and barrier blocking our route into the City.  I stopped the car (probably should not have done that as it was a fairly fast road) and hopped out to ask.   He told me that there were a lot of people going to be leaving the city and it was closed for security reasons.  He actually wasn't very friendly, but I guess I was probably the umpteenth foreign person to have stopped to ask why we could not enter Brugge, and it was a hot day.  So, we parked up a bit farther along the road and walked into the city.    After walking for about twenty minutes we saw there was a marathon on - hundreds of runners.


There was not much we could do, and nothing open for a drink - soft or otherwise - so we walked back to where we needed to enter the city with the car and then found that we could now drive in.   Another walk back to the car and we drove to our hotel.  After settling into our room we went out to discover Brugge.  I had been there before on a day trip, but Sandy had not.  We were quite hungry and weary and just could not decide what we wanted to eat so ended up in a burger bar.  Actually very good.   The next day we went exploring.

We loved this building with the pots of tulips in the window boxes - it was so high.

Have you ever heard hang drums?  They make a really good sound and this chap played a didgeridoo as well.   Sandy and I had never heard this before and stopped to listen for quite a while, then we bought his CD.  You can hear hang drums being played on YouTube.  They are a Swiss invention apparently.

Interesting motor scooter covered in wine bottle sticky back plastic.

Very very naughty chocolate!

Of course, there were the canals:

Fish and chips, Belgium style.  Very good.

We thought this dog had the best spot to take a nap.

We loved Brugge (think I might have already said that!)  More soon on our adventures.

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  1. Such a pretty place I was there many years ago now, so many lovely photos.


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