Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A quieter life

It was a long day on Saturday. I left home at 8 am to drive to Northampton for the PAGS A.G.M.  Only two hours drive, but I wanted to be early and you never know what traffic conditions will be like on the motorways.   As it was, I had a clear run and arrived at the hotel in plenty of time for coffee and chats with fellow members.   We had an excellent speaker for the morning session, and after lunch the usual business of an A.G.M.  We then had a committee meeting to elect various officers and attend to any urgent business, and I was able to leave at 4.50.  I was home by 7.30.  A long day indeed.

I've made a start on my latest project - it's a granny square blanket for my eldest son's girlfriend.   I noticed that when she is at his house she is often cuddled up with her dressing gown around her - not that his house is cold; she just feels the cold more than most I think.  Anyway, I thought I would make her a granny square blanket, one she can leave at his house - hence the muted grays and beiges. The squares will be edged with a very dark gray and I will join them using the join as you go method.   It's to be a Christmas Present so plenty of time to complete it.  The wool is Paton's Aran and is quite thick, so should be nice and warm to cuddle up under!

It was meant to be my holiday project - not that I would have finished it there, but I need something to do without taking heaps of yarn.   With only five balls of wool it is perfect.   However, notice that I used the word 'meant'.  Due to the severe cold weather we have cancelled our trip to the house in Normandy.   The weather there is far far worse than here in Surrey.  Not nice to drive through and also the house will be very cold as no one has been there since October.  However, looking on the bright side, it does mean I can get on with things in the greenhouse and garden - assuming the weather warms up a bit.   We will join Brian's cousin and her husband there in September.

My Blue Jug.
I am still keeping this filled with flowers and greenery from the garden and brought these in just before the severe weather hit us.  I spotted some forsythia in bud and picked a couple of branch ends - two days in the warm and they are fully opened.

We had the family here on Mother's Day, which was on Sunday.  I love having them all here, although the house is now far too small for them all really.  But the children are very good - of course they are growing up.

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