Saturday, 5 January 2013

Granny Square a Day count up and my blue jug

A Happy New Year to you all

I need to update you on the Granny a Day project started by Ali last year.  I have made one scarf, one baby blanket, 16 squares to make a bag (probably) a multi coloured blanket and now I have started a solid square multi coloured blanket.  All these have been recorded in my previous blogs, but here is the multi-coloured solid granny square blanket which has not been recorded 

Sadly I did not quite make 366, just 15 short. (sorry Ali)   I was doing so well up until about two weeks before Christmas when I went down with a very bad bout of cystitis, resulting in a course of anti biotics, plus struggling to organise Christmas, and deal with updating memberships for my society on a new web based database here.   Not really an excuse, or excuses, but that's how it was.  I really enjoyed the Granny-A-Day challenge, and hope to find another one this year.   I am also enjoying the multi coloured solid square blanket, and want to start another in more muted colours for a certain member of the family!

My Blue jug - I inherited this from my mother in-law and it sits on the pine dresser in the dining room an is usually filled with flowers from the garden.  This year I have set myself a challenge to have flowers in it from the garden every day of the year - not an original idea - Margery Fish did the same thing and wrote a book about her vase of flowers from the garden.   So, what is in this, rather dreadful display?   It does actually look much better in real life. I promise!!   There are some sprays of yellow Winter Jasmine, some buds of Viburnum and some gold Euonymus.   

A sure sign that the days are lengthening - I spotted at the beginning of this week a couple of rhubarb buds peeping through the ground.  Today I have a leaf and many more buds peeping through!  I don't think it will be long before I am making rhubarb crumbles.

The sharp eyed will have spotted that I have changed the name of my blog.  I don't want to write just about crochet - there are lots of other things that I want to write about.   I may change the URL: as well.  I haven't decided on  that yet.   I hope you will all continue to follow my blog- I would love to receive your comments.   


  1. Happy New Year. I haven't got any crochet on the go at the moment, but love the solid granny square blanket. I like the idea of one square per day too so I might just give that a go. There's lots of signs of spring now if you look close, it can't be that far away.

  2. One Granny square a day is not difficult - in theory. But I did find it...hardish - and did have to catch up at times. Oh, longing for spring - I spotted snowdrops peeping through the ground today. Joy!!


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